Sunday, February 10, 2013

Quick Elastic Waist Circle Skirt

I'm back and not sick anymore, yay! For the last few days I have been preparing for a pin up photoshoot. Step one was to make the Valentines themed circle skirts. Usually when i make circle skirts I us a poodle skirt pattern by one of the big pattern companies. However that pattern takes 5 yards of fabric and makes a skirt that almost goes to your ankles. It also requires a zipper and a button and more work. Enter my elastic circle skirt. this skirt ends around the knees but still has the volume of a 50's skirt.

To make this skirt you will need:
3yds of 45" cotton
elastc big enough for your waist
Thread that matches fabric
an old grocery bag or two
a yardstick or straight edge
a marker

Cut open your grocery bag- you can also use tracing paper or freezer paper but I prefer the stiffness of the paper bag (and I'm cheap). Lay it out flat. With your ruler and marker make a straight line 17 1/2 inches. find the center of that line and draw a straight line down from that at 21". at the end of the 21" line draw a 41/2" line parallel to the 17 1/2 one. It should look like this:

Now you draw a line from the end of the 4 1/2 line to the end of the 17 1/2 line on both sides. You should be creating what looks like a giant triangle without a point. Give a little curve to the top:

And cut out your finished pattern shape.

This skirt will fit a fair variety of sizes, but if you need to make it bigger you just make the 4 1/2 wider on the end. It does make a decent sized center whole though once you get them all cut and sewed. Cut out 12 of those triangly wedgey shapes. Then with the reamining fabric cut a 45" by 4 1/2" rectangle. This will be your waistband.

Sew the pieces all together, matching the short ends and the long ends. This will create a giant circle with a hole in the center that sort of looks like a Christmas tree skirt. Tada:

Then it's time to make a waitband. iron the edges of your 45x4 1/2 strip like this:

Then fold that in half and Iron it again like this:

Unfold the fold you just made and sew the ends together so you have a circle tube. Pick up your tree skirt and sew a gather stitch around the center hole. Pul up the gathering until it fits inside the tube you just made. Pin it inside and sew the two pieces together, leaving enough of a hole for elastic to get in. Measure your waist and cut elactic. Thread it into the gap:

Now it's hem time. If you aren't in a hurry hang up your skirt and let the hem chill overnight. This helps the fibers in the fabric to come to terms with the fact they need to be hemmed. When you are ready to hem the bottom of the skirt, simply go around the skirt and fold up the edge a quarter inch. Iron.

Go all away around it again, folding the fold so the raw edges don't show. I find it helps if you spray starch it as you go along. Sew the hem all away around to hold it.

Congratulations you just made a circle skirt! Put it on and dance!

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